The HVP aqua offers two types of controllers:

  • 8 channel Controller (8CH)

  • Preset mini-controller


8 channel Controller (8CH)

Due to an increasing growth (in demand) for a unique product to control LED lamps, in 2017 HVP aqua decided to market a unique controller for aquarium LEDs. The preparatory phase took many years and managed to map out many market needs. This makes the HVP aqua 8 channel controller a product that sells itself.



  • Number of channels: 8

  • Plug & Play: Yes, 100%

  • Control: IOS and Android 

  • Voltage: 12V or 24V

  • Water tightness: No

  • Max. wattage: 400W (24V)

  • Max number of adapters: 2, simultaneously

  • Max number of schemes: 50, day and/or date

  • Options: Lightning (only manually)

  • Warranty: 2 years


Preset mini-controller

After a prolonged period of developing, in 2019, HVP aqua marketed the latest type of controller: the preset mini-controller. The idea of the mini-controller resulted from a need for a more economic controller for freshwater aquariums that would be easy to use and could still manage to simulate sunrise and sunset.


  • Number of channels: 2 (white + RGB)

  • Plug & Play: Yes, 100%

  • Control: Manual

  • Voltage: 12V or 24V

  • Water tightness: No

  • Max. power: 96W

  • Max number of adapters: 1

  • Number of schemes: 10 pre-programmed

  • Options: None

  • Warranty: 2 years


 The preset mini-controller is fitted with 10 pre-programmed schemes, developed especially for freshwater aquariums:

  • 5 programs of 10 hours

  • 5 programs of 12 hours


The 10 and 12 hour schemes are identical. The only difference is the duration.

The desired scheme is selected on the basis of the included instruction and selected by means of the touch-button on the controller. From the moment that the scheme has been selected, it will automatically run its daily routine. As soon as the power is taken off the controller, the scheme must be set again.

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