Custom OEM LED

Over the last few years, HVP aqua has developed continuously in the field of custom-projects. These projects are part of our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) department. In the OEM department, projects are handled that differ from the standard HVP aqua Retail range. For example:

  • Private label

  • White label

  • R&D projects

  • Shopfitting systems


Types of customers who usually need OEM-products are:

  • Store chains

  • Aquarium builders

  • Aquarium service companies (installation and maintenance)

  • Companies specializing in store design (Pet & aquarium retail/shopfitting)

  • Companies specializing in public aquariums


A complete range

HVP aqua thus provides the customer with solid advice and, in addition to the development and production of lighting and controllers, they are also able to provide advice for the development and production pf packaging and promotional material. The collaboration with our OEM-clients is very intense and if desired, a confidentiality agreement can be signed with the client, in consultation.

For each project, we will advise the customer about the possibilities, minimum purchase quantities, development and product costs and, of course, planning. We respect the margin policy of our customers and try to organize our development and production process as efficiently as possible. Where possible, we will combine the knowledge of our own products with the customer’s needs to subsequently keep the costs for development and products as possible.

Product development and design

HVP aqua has six dedicated fulltime engineers at its disposal at its development and manufacturing location, who all work passionately and skillfully on each OEM-project. As a result, the lines are short. However, before getting our engineers to work, we will first thoroughly discuss in detail what the needs are and what is among the final possibilities. The next step in the process is the elaboration of the plan and the printing of 3D-models. After the customer’s approval, we will ask our engineers to further work out the plan into detail and to advise us. In this phase, also the costs, minimum purchase quantities and delivery times will become insightful. Subsequently, the first samples can be produced, to be presented to the client. Since samples will usually need to be adjusted a great number of times, the sample-phase is the longest phase. In general, an OEM-project will last 3-12 months, depending on the complexity.

Complexity levels

The development and production of OEM-projects has different levels of complexity.

Level 1

The customer is generally satisfied with the current HVP aqua Retail range and only wishes to adapt a number of small details, such as:

  • LED colors

  • Profile colors

  • Profile length

  • End pieces

  • White label


Type of customers: Companies specializing in store design, aquarium builders, etc.
MOQ level: low

Level 2

The customer is looking for a product that differs from the current HVP aqua Retail range. At this level, developments will be made for the customer, such as:

  • Technical drawings

  • New aluminum profile

  • Advice regarding packaging and promotional material


Type of customers: companies specializing in store design, aquarium builders, store chains, wholesalers, etc.
MOQ level: low-medium

Level 3

The customer is looking for a completely new product. This level of OEM is the most complex one and the following developments are applicable here:

  • Technical drawings

  • Application developments

  • Private label

  • Advice regarding packaging and promotional material

  • Confidentiality agreement (optional)


Type of customers: Aquarium builders, store chains, wholesalers, aquarium brands, etc.
MOQ level: low-medium

Our team will be happy to advise you about the possibilities regarding the OEM-project that would best fit your organization.

Hanging LED HVP aqua
Goldline 6
Goldline Rimmless mounting
Corner pieces
FlatLINE Aquarium LED
OEM white profile HVP
Controller PCB
Different LED color
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