LED Drivers

The HVP aqua LED drivers are among the most important components of the set-up. The LED drivers of HVP aqua are stabilized. This will prevent peak currents that could adversely affect the durability of the LEDs and drivers.


The HVP aqua LED drivers can be used for all types of HVP aqua lamps. Also they are used for the HVP aqua OEM-projects.


In order to further extend the durability of the power adapters, we recommend not to load the adapters above 80%.



  • Available intensities: 72W, 100W, 150W, 200W and 250W

  • Voltage: 24V

  • Mounting: Plug and Play (power jack or super seal connection)

  • Max. load: 80%

  • Warranty: 2 year warranty


Our RetroLINE starter pack and GoldLINE Fresh lamps are equipped with a power adapter by default. This makes it possible to use the set directly, so the consumer doesn’t need to select an adapter. The other lamps: RetroLINE ADD-ON and GoldLINE Marine are not equipped with a power adapter by default and must be selected by the consumer himself (in consultation with the retailer). While choosing the right power adapter, it is highly important that an adapter is chosen that is large/strong enough to handle the total use of all lamps at 100%.


Example: the customer is looking for a set-up of 6 GoldLINE Marine lamps with a total consumption of 180W. The 250W adapter (that can be loaded up to 200W) would then be a suitable choice of adapter.


The HVP aqua power adapters can all be connected directly and easily to the 8CH controller. The 8CH is even capable of connecting two adapters at the same time. For more information about the HVP aqua 8CH controller we refer to the page Controllers.


The HVP aqua power adapters are among the best quality products of their kind, in the world. Many customers partly opt for HVP aqua because of our choice of stabilized power adapters/LED drivers. In comparison with other suppliers, our adapters are more suitable to be used for aquariums because they are:

  • more durable

  • more beneficial to the durability of the LEDs

  • watertight

  • attractively priced


In short: the products of HVP aqua are among the best products currently available and are very attractively priced.


Our team will gladly advise you about the possibilities regarding the OEM-project that would best fit your organization. Or you can visit your regular dealer or wholesaler. They can be found in the overview of our dealer network.

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