The HVP aqua MarineLINE LED lamp has meanwhile been known for years as the best lamp in the field of saltwater aquariums. Over the years, the lamp has proven itself as a stable success and by now it is being used in thousands of aquariums across Europe. The MarineLINE lamps show an unbeatable performance and, in comparison with T5, it provides the same amount of PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation). The energy savings relative to T5 is no less than 50%. Just like T5 lamps, the MarineLINE lamps can be combined, allowing any aquarium owner to compose his/her own mix of lamps to create a unique atmosphere.

The HVP aqua MarineLINE is available in three options:

  • 10,000K

  • 14,000K (combination of 10,000K and 460-463 Actinic blue LEDs)

  • 20,000K (460-463 Actinic blue LEDs)



  • Colored LEDs: 10.000K, 14,000K or 20,000K

  • Energy saving: 50% saving relative to T5

  • Water tightness: Yes, IP68

  • Mounting: L-brackets

  • Number of lengths: 4 (760, 960, 1160 and 1460mm)

  • Controller possible: Yes, 8CH WIFI

  • Beam angle: 120°

  • Lumen per Watt: 115

  • Options: 8CH Controller

  • Warranty: 3 year warranty


High quality and PAR output
In order to assure the quality of the MarineLINE LED lamps (and to compare them), HVP AQUA had the PAR-values investigated. A comparison was made between T5 lamps and MarineLINE lamps. For the PAR-measurements, an Apogee Quantum Flux SQ120 PAR-meter was used with original Quantum Sensor.

8X 54W T5: 305 PAR                                                               6X 36W MarineLINE: 304 PAR

In short: the products of HVP aqua are among the best products currently available and come at a very attractive price.

Our team will gladly advise you about the possibilities regarding the OEM-project that would best fit your organization. Or you can visit your regular dealer or wholesaler. They can be found in the overview of our dealer network.

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