The HVP aqua RetroLINE aquarium LED is a unique combination of appearance, plant growth and the wellbeing of fish.

The RetroLINE is suitable for freshwater aquariums and ensures ease and convenience. Besides, there are endless combination possibilities and the LED types ensure the required amount of light a maximum energy savings. The lamps also have very high durability.

The HVP aqua RetroLINE is available in three variants:

  • Starter Pack

    • Daylight lamp

    • Adapter



    • RGB Lamp

    • Splitter cable RGB + White

  • Add-On Daylight

    • Daylight Lamp

    • Splitter cable 1 > 2 White




  • Colored LEDs  4000K + 7,000K and RGB

  • Energy saving: 65% savings relative to T5

  • Water tightness: Yes, IP68

  • Mounting: Standard T5

  • Number of lengths: 9 pieces (438mm – 12,000mm)

  • Controller possible: Yes, 8CH WIFI and mini-controller

  • Beam angle: 120°

  • Lumen per Watt: 102

  • Options: Rimless mounting, T8 mounting, Controllers

  • Warranty: 3 year warranty


The lamps are equipped with a watertight silicon layer, which makes them 100% watertight (IP68). The lamps also have a 2 meter connection lead, which makes it easy to connect them underneath the aquarium. In comparison with other suppliers, our lamps are more suitable for the aquarium because they:

  • Provide more and better light;

  • Fit better (special dimensions);

  • Are made of the best materials;

  • Are additionally energy-saving;

  • Are attractively priced.


In short: the HVP aqua products are among the best products currently available and come at a very attractive price.


Our team will gladly advise you about the possibilities regarding the OEM-project that would best fit your organization. Or you can visit your regular dealer or wholesaler. They can be found in the overview of our dealer network.

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