Building (aquarium) units is a craftsmanship. It is meticulous and time-consuming work. The units determine the animals’ attractiveness and are therefore a highly important link within the company. HVP aqua collaborates with a number of international partners in the field of aquarium and animal units. Although many unit builders still cling to the use of standard lighting, this often doesn’t match.


Every brand of unit is unique and therefore regular adjustments are required to ensure that the lamp matches. This is a time consuming (and therefore expensive) process and moreover unnecessary. HVP aqua inventories the customer’s need and creates whatever you wish. We produce customized lighting and we also adjust the colors of the LEDs as you wish. This will give your unit a better image, while you save a lot of time on installation work.

The LED drivers and splitter cables are important elements of the lighting. They are both high-quality, allowing your customers many years of problem-free use of the units. This ensures a very short payback time.

The entire range of shopfitting lamps is IP68 watertight: from the outlet socket up to and including the lamp.

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